Buying Glasses Online

With the number of retailers’ online currently offering glasses, contact lenses, and other vision related products, it might seem attractive to purchase your vision products online. However, we’ve noticed that many patients who have tried to order vision products online have unfortunately had a poor experience.

When you get fitted for a pair of frames in person, there are many precise measurements that go in to ensuring that your glasses will be both functional, and comfortable. By purchasing your frames online, you will be missing out on this crucial step.

Remember: after an eye exam with us, you will receive a written prescription, allowing you to purchase glasses or contact lenses from anywhere you wish.

We’ve also noticed an increase in the lens services offered online. Again, the factors that we use in deciding which lens is best for you is much more complex than your prescription number.

Another crucial factor in purchasing glasses , is a lens verification. When you purchase your glasses with us, we will confirm that the lenses we provide you match your prescription measurements exactly. This is especially important as even small inaccuracies in lens type or power can have a permanent affect in your visual acuity.

Some of the other measurements and services we provide our patients with include:

  • Vertical optical center test
  • Eye size measurement
  • Bridge size measurement
  • Length of temple measurement
  • Segment height measurement
  • Lens features: tints, coatings, etc.

In addition to these essential tests and services, we also provide all patients with education on lens and frame care, as well as ongoing adjustments as needed.

We can also service and repair all of the lenses and frames we offer, which may or may not be possible with products purchased from other providers.

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At Pflugerville Vision Care, helping our patients achieve the best visual result possible is our number one goal. We achieve this through comprehensive examinations, where we will identify any short term or potential long term vision concerns. If a correction is needed, we will recommend the solutions best suited for your visual issue, and budget.

For more information about full service eye treatment at Pflugerville, or the potential issues with buying eye glasses online, please give us a call. One of our knowledgeable staff members would be more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.